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Reviews about Unitedworld School of Business

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Mugdha Chakraborty

Mugdha Chakraborty
This is one of best B-schools in India. The faculties here are very much helpful and guide its students for a better corporate world.

Kaushik Das

Kaushik Das
One of the best institutes in the management field, providing the best knowledge one needs in the present economic scenario and helps you to prepare for the updated market.

Alok Kumar

Unitedworld school of business is one of the best B-school of 21th cenetury. They have high quality faculties, good infrastructure and good company interaction. UWSB guided me for my personality development and helped me to face the corporate world challenges. I am very lucky to be a member of UWSB and feeling proud to be part of this institute.

Atri roy

Atri Roy
United We Stand.. Divide We Fall… Its all UNITED here in Unitedworld School Of Business! The ultimate learning platform to gain knowledge, to know yourself, understand the current business scenario.. The main things which distinguish Unitedworld from other B-Schools are the faculties with their constant guidance, monitoring, personal development and the campus with a real feel of corporate world…. Another important focus is towards the SIP Exposure that the students get here to have a real field in the corporate sector in good companies.. there is a constant improvement of students towards the skills set that will ultimately make them a true corporate person!….. Life at UWSB is fun with learning with lots of games, cultural programs, industry visits, guest lectures, club activities and so on.

Sourav Tibrewal

• Sourav Tibrewal

Unitedworld is a B-School which provides a quality education. It is primarily due to good understanding and secondarily due to world class faculty members. We have a parent-child relationship with the faculties who really help us at every stage of life.. I am Thankful to be a Student of Unitedworld School Of Business. I am really blessed.

Debangsu Bose

Debangshu Bose

Unitedworld is truly united !!! the best thing about thi college is that the atmoshere in which we are teach in clasre ahead room it makes us far more ahead in corporate sector. the faculty, staff and every other individual is very helpfull…and the last but not the least you can enjoy yourself as most with different club activity… UWSB – is best in it’s own kind !!!

Durba Chatterjee

Durba Chatterjee
Its an amazing part of my life..its just not a b-skul for me but a place that changed my life for the good in every way….the faculties are people every1 should meet coz they are treasures,,,they really are! Its the place were there is happiness and sorrows…and people r there by you in both times… I always want a great future for UWSB and its family…

Nilesh Saha

• Nilesh Saha

Its been an unforgettable journey with the college, faculties, staffs and friends and to be a part of United World Family. The environment and the faculties made us realize the institution as our second home. Also, it provides lots of scope and opportunities to prove ourselves and to realize about our potentials which as a overall helped me successfully to be placed in PwC. Finally, a big Thank You to United World School Of Business, in short UWSB.

Asish Ray

Ashish Ray
if a student wants a complete changeover of his personality of typical student to a ready to face challenge the cut throat competition of this very corporate world…….This is the one of the best institute I have ever came through…..studies r just fun at UWSB

Sushmita Mukherjee

• Sushmita Mukherjee

The name of the college is very apt. There is always a “United” bonding between the faculty members and the students. Joining Unitedworld School Of Business is one of the best things that could have happened to me. With utmost guidance under the faculty members, today I am placed with Samsung India.

Siddharth Agrahari

Siddharth Agrahari
This is one of the premiere B school in India , where students get an ample opportunity,as well as the faculties here are very helpful and prepared the students; according to corporate scenario. In another word, UWSB is the gateway to step into a corporate world. At last, I am very much thankful to this institution who has given me opportunity to proved myself and given me strengthening to face the corporate Scenario.

Prabar Rakshit

• Prabar Rakshit

I am really thankful to Unitedworld School of Business. It has given the opportunities and ample scope to prove ourselves. Not only that they have guided us in a right way and today I am proudly placed in Timesjob.

Tamashree Sutradhar

Tamashree Sutradhar

I am thankful to uwsb. It has helped and guided me in every aspects. This college has given me the opportunies to learn practical things by applying theoretical knowledge. I am really thankful to all the faculties.

Priyanka Bhowmik

• Priyanka Bhowmik

It is one of the best B-school in India which is providing us some good faculties. Its also giving us many opportunities to prove ourselves. All the faculty members are very helpful & encouraging,

Shruti Jain

• Shruti Jain
I am very thankful to Unitedworld School of Business. It has given me various opportunities and helped me through various ways. The corporate exposure and the industry interaction helped me alot. Today i am proud to be placed in PwC.

Jinia Biswas

• Jinia Biswas
United World School Of Business, Kolkata is the right place study management.Professors are excellent and so is the infrastructure of the campus. The library consists of very useful books and the entire campus is wi-fi enabled. Knowledge is not only gained through books but also through practical applications. Summer and winter internships for two months at top companies are really helpful for practical knowledge. Placements are very good with companies like ITC,Parle, PwC, Deloitte,Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities, HUL,CRISL,ICRA placing students every year from our campus.


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