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PGDM college in Gujarat


There are thousands number of MBA colleges in Gujarat, but selecting the right PGDM college in Gujarat can be a difficult task for a student. A student before taking admission in any good colleges should put importance on certain factors like quality education, proper facilities, faculties, accreditation as well as placements. Most of the PGDM colleges in Gujarat fulfill all these criterias and students get all the facilities that they generally look for in a college. Reputed PGDM colleges generally provide


• Proper facilities
Most of the colleges have proper infrastructure and they provide facilities which are upto the mark. Wifi enabled classrooms, campus, cafeteria all these are provided by most of the colleges in Gujarat.

quality image1

• Quality education
Colleges provide quality education that helps the students to acquire good amount of knowledge and excel in their careers. PGDM degree is mainly a professional degree which helps the students to develop necessary skills that are required in a corporate world.


• Faculties
Since most of the students put emphasis on the knowledge factor as well as on education part, faculties play an important role. Faculties mostly belong from eminent institutes like IIM, IIT etc who act as mentors to the students and guide the students in an effective way.


• Accreditation
Accreditation plays an important part, a student before applying must find out which institutions are affiliated to which Universities, whether they are UGC approved or AICTE approved. Accordingly they should take their decisions.


• Placement Details
In order to find out which are the colleges that provide placements in leading brands , one should always do some research and can contact with the alumni to find out the placement records o the college.

Top PGDM colleges in Gujarat generally provides all these facilities in order to fulfill the desire of a student.


Tejas Shah has received certificate of appreciation from Star Health and Allied Insurance Company

Tejas Shah 1

Tejas Shah has received Certificate of Appreciation from Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited after completion of his Summer Internship Program.

Experience in Summer Internship Program


Name : Animesh Banerjee
Name of the company : Bharti Airtel ( Airtel Money)

This is Animesh Banerjee student of United World School Of Business had done his summer internship program in Bharti Airtel(Airtel Money). Before doing my s.i.p i had a perception that in my internship programe i would get ajob which i had to perform in an decent working enviornment. My s.i.p was of 2 months which started from 7th of
april and ended on 7th of may.7 of my friends got selected for the s.i.p under Airtel. As my major is marketting I believed that doing s.i.p under such brand add on to my CV. I still remember the day, it was 10th of may,tuesdaywhen i first entered the office of Bharti Airtel in Infinity Think Tank. While entering the office a corporate feeling wastouching me. In my s.i.p tenure I got three different
location to work. my location were barrackpore,chandannagar and razarhat. my work was of promoting airtel money as wll as selling it through different retailors. the experience which i gained through working in all of these location was very distinctive. in my first location (barrackpore) I got to see that how a good relationship with retailor can increase your sale margin, in my second location in got to see that how pricing plays a vital role in increasing your sales and in my third and last location(razarhat) I got to observe that what can be the effect of fake promises in your numbers. If I want to say that what I learned through my s.i.p, I can say that yes my knowledge about market got enhanced, now I know the market more deeply. my communication skills got developed and now I know that what should be my
pitch in different situation. now I know how to sell or rather i can say how i can change a public to a customer. the learning which I got is that selling a service is very much hard than selling a product. lastly I want to thanks my college for providing me this golden oppurtunity to work under such giant brand. I want to thank my company for providing the chance to experience the real market scenario. lastly
I can proudly say that yes i am an UWSBian…..

Reetesh Aagarwal received the best trainee award from Sharekhan

Reetesh Agarwal ,PGDM Student of Unitedworld School of Business has received the BEST TRAINEE award on all over India basis for the year 2014 from Sharekhan while doing Internship.




When an MBA student sits for the campus recruitment the first thing that a recruiter notices is the resume of the student because it is from the resume that the recruiter will understand the background of the student, skills and abilities of the student. It is always important to create a good impression and if one wants to create a good impression then he or she needs to make a resume which can attract a recruiter’s attention.
The resume needs to have a proper description as of why one has pursued MBA. One should mention the scores of CAT/MAT etc because it shows your ability as a MBA student. One should also mention the internship details and your learning during your summer internship program. Recruiters generally absorb those people who possess certain qualities like business management knowledge, communication skills, quantitative skills, ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical field. Your resume should demonstrate that you possess all those qualities that generally a recruiter looks for. One should mention your educational details and should explain how it has helped him to achieve his goals. If a student has work experience then he or she should mention that, because it adds an extra importance. Your resume should be such so that one can understand about your future planning.
Keep some space where you can mention about your achievements where you can mention what you have achieved. One needs to show the past experiences where he or she has achieved something that has helped to achieve his goal.
Resume format
The top of the resume should consists of
• Name
• Email address
• Phone Number
The next part , it should include
• Name of the company you worked for
• Location of the job
• Job title
• Your roles and achievements
After that one needs to mention the educational details and lastly the personal details. Apart from all these , there are certain things one needs to follow, one should use bullets, one should make sure that the content of the resume should matches one’s career goal. A good resume should not be more than two pages and it should be precise and brief which will help the recruiters to understand who is the right candidate for his organization.

Experience of Summer Internship- Century Ply


Name : Adarsh Mohta
Name of the company : Century Ply
Summer Internship is an amazing journey to learn and understand the practicality of the market senviroment. It strengthens your confidence and helps you to adapt to the critical conditions of the corporate scenario.I believe its very important and utterly useful for a strong base on which the future resides. It all started with working on a National project of CENTURY PLY, HALLA BOL.I assisted Mr.Sushant Singh on this and looked after the vendors & their outlets of EASTERN INDIA (Kolkata,Ranchi,Patna,Siliguri,Guwahati etc). This project was all about increasing the retail visibility of CENTURY PLY following the Below The Line (BTL) standards. Keeping a track on the dealers and revising the RV plans for each shop was the prime motive. Under the assistance of Mr.Singh I have been high-lightened about the do’s & don’ts of the RV Marketing. Mine was basically a DESK-JOB , improvising & assisting my seniors in CENTURY PLY was the prime function.It helped me a lot to learn and understand the concepts of marketing. Talking to vendors/dealers and managing their necessities for RV was also looked by me till some extent. With the guidance of MR.AMIT GOPE, I then prepared a questionnaire of 8 vital questions for the related market survey. Which helped to ascertain the visibility criteria of CENTURY PLY among the dealers, their choice & preferences for and beyond CENTURY.It also high-lightens the satisfaction level of the dealers. Towards the end of my internship was the most challenging task, it was to carry out the survey in the market. It is not an easy job for sure but then the work has to be done & the show needs to proceed. With the repetitive help & guidance from MR.GOPE I carried out the survey among 50 odd dealers of CENTURY PLY in and around KOLKATA. The experience was amazing and helped me understand many aspects of the marketing tactics.I believe this internship would help me a lot once i start my career after college.

Experience of Summer internship programme- IDFC Mutual fund


Name : Asish Ray
Name of the company : IDFC Mutual fund

I was working with IDFC Mutual Fund in my summer internship. My interaction with my project guide was in a corporate manner. He was helpful in every aspect and made us understood any such problem we faced in this two months of our internship.
My clients were the bank officials of the Axis Bank branches in North Kolkata. I had to visit the Branch Manager, Relationship Managers, FDOs, etc. They were busy but were generous enough to know about me, ask about the mutual fund schemes which were handled by me and the role I was playing in the company.
My work was to collect SIPs (Systematic Investment Plan) from the bank branches I was allotted by convincing the bank officials to suggest their customers to enrol with our mutual fund.
I learnt that what marketing actually means and how people actually manage this. I came to know about a new area of banking (i.e. Mutual Funds) as it is a vital distribution channel for mutual funds and how to co-operate in an office environment.
Overall it was a learning experience which will help me in my coming future.