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July 2014
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Name : Animesh Banerjee
Name of the company : Bharti Airtel ( Airtel Money)

This is Animesh Banerjee student of United World School Of Business had done his summer internship program in Bharti Airtel(Airtel Money). Before doing my s.i.p i had a perception that in my internship programe i would get ajob which i had to perform in an decent working enviornment. My s.i.p was of 2 months which started from 7th of
april and ended on 7th of may.7 of my friends got selected for the s.i.p under Airtel. As my major is marketting I believed that doing s.i.p under such brand add on to my CV. I still remember the day, it was 10th of may,tuesdaywhen i first entered the office of Bharti Airtel in Infinity Think Tank. While entering the office a corporate feeling wastouching me. In my s.i.p tenure I got three different
location to work. my location were barrackpore,chandannagar and razarhat. my work was of promoting airtel money as wll as selling it through different retailors. the experience which i gained through working in all of these location was very distinctive. in my first location (barrackpore) I got to see that how a good relationship with retailor can increase your sale margin, in my second location in got to see that how pricing plays a vital role in increasing your sales and in my third and last location(razarhat) I got to observe that what can be the effect of fake promises in your numbers. If I want to say that what I learned through my s.i.p, I can say that yes my knowledge about market got enhanced, now I know the market more deeply. my communication skills got developed and now I know that what should be my
pitch in different situation. now I know how to sell or rather i can say how i can change a public to a customer. the learning which I got is that selling a service is very much hard than selling a product. lastly I want to thanks my college for providing me this golden oppurtunity to work under such giant brand. I want to thank my company for providing the chance to experience the real market scenario. lastly
I can proudly say that yes i am an UWSBian…..


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