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When an MBA student sits for the campus recruitment the first thing that a recruiter notices is the resume of the student because it is from the resume that the recruiter will understand the background of the student, skills and abilities of the student. It is always important to create a good impression and if one wants to create a good impression then he or she needs to make a resume which can attract a recruiter’s attention.
The resume needs to have a proper description as of why one has pursued MBA. One should mention the scores of CAT/MAT etc because it shows your ability as a MBA student. One should also mention the internship details and your learning during your summer internship program. Recruiters generally absorb those people who possess certain qualities like business management knowledge, communication skills, quantitative skills, ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical field. Your resume should demonstrate that you possess all those qualities that generally a recruiter looks for. One should mention your educational details and should explain how it has helped him to achieve his goals. If a student has work experience then he or she should mention that, because it adds an extra importance. Your resume should be such so that one can understand about your future planning.
Keep some space where you can mention about your achievements where you can mention what you have achieved. One needs to show the past experiences where he or she has achieved something that has helped to achieve his goal.
Resume format
The top of the resume should consists of
• Name
• Email address
• Phone Number
The next part , it should include
• Name of the company you worked for
• Location of the job
• Job title
• Your roles and achievements
After that one needs to mention the educational details and lastly the personal details. Apart from all these , there are certain things one needs to follow, one should use bullets, one should make sure that the content of the resume should matches one’s career goal. A good resume should not be more than two pages and it should be precise and brief which will help the recruiters to understand who is the right candidate for his organization.


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