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Experience of Summer Internship- Century Ply



July 2014
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Name : Adarsh Mohta
Name of the company : Century Ply
Summer Internship is an amazing journey to learn and understand the practicality of the market senviroment. It strengthens your confidence and helps you to adapt to the critical conditions of the corporate scenario.I believe its very important and utterly useful for a strong base on which the future resides. It all started with working on a National project of CENTURY PLY, HALLA BOL.I assisted Mr.Sushant Singh on this and looked after the vendors & their outlets of EASTERN INDIA (Kolkata,Ranchi,Patna,Siliguri,Guwahati etc). This project was all about increasing the retail visibility of CENTURY PLY following the Below The Line (BTL) standards. Keeping a track on the dealers and revising the RV plans for each shop was the prime motive. Under the assistance of Mr.Singh I have been high-lightened about the do’s & don’ts of the RV Marketing. Mine was basically a DESK-JOB , improvising & assisting my seniors in CENTURY PLY was the prime function.It helped me a lot to learn and understand the concepts of marketing. Talking to vendors/dealers and managing their necessities for RV was also looked by me till some extent. With the guidance of MR.AMIT GOPE, I then prepared a questionnaire of 8 vital questions for the related market survey. Which helped to ascertain the visibility criteria of CENTURY PLY among the dealers, their choice & preferences for and beyond CENTURY.It also high-lightens the satisfaction level of the dealers. Towards the end of my internship was the most challenging task, it was to carry out the survey in the market. It is not an easy job for sure but then the work has to be done & the show needs to proceed. With the repetitive help & guidance from MR.GOPE I carried out the survey among 50 odd dealers of CENTURY PLY in and around KOLKATA. The experience was amazing and helped me understand many aspects of the marketing tactics.I believe this internship would help me a lot once i start my career after college.


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