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Summer Internship at Airtel Money



July 2014
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Name : Kaushik Das, MBA

Name of the company : Airtel Money

The first week of my internship started very nicely as there were nothing to do and we were waiting in a room full of gadgets for our project guide. At last he came on the fifth day and told us about our work profile and the respective areas where we were going to work with our supervisors.

From next week started my actual work as I was designated some retail outlets under me and I have to shoot out new business out of them. It was tough as the retailers were very hostile and told me straight on my face that they won’t be doing anything to promote airtel money. When I told this to my supervisor he got furious and he shouted at me like anything else as in his perception I was the one who is forcing the retailer not to promote the airtel money.

My supervisor warned me to open at least 10 wallets and pay 4 electric bills a day or else I would be ready for the consequences. The irony was that when I asked him about suggesting me some ways to promote my work he simply said that neither he nor his boss knows this. I was left at the edge to do the work at any cost or am going to lose my internship. I pushed myself too hard and went door to door to sell my service and at last my hard work paid off and I was able to sold almost 200 wallets and 4 electric bills in an entire month.

My supervisor was overwhelmed and he took me for a day’s lunch at a hotel. It was the best day for me in my internship. Then I realised that my supervisor is not at all a bad person but the targets set by the organization forces him to be the demon sometimes.


The best part of my internship was to interact with people about the service I was promoting in that area. First two weeks the experience was horrible. As the people were mainly from Bihar, they don’t treat a stranger nicely and they would use any foul language to insult them in front of their friends. I was insulted like anything else. I was very upset and one day I decided to put my pen down and call it a day for my internship but then I met a retailer who was kind enough to understand my situation and suggested me how to approach to others.

I started my fourth week very precisely and sorted out my day’s works and the strategy to meet with the people. I started communicating with them in Bhojpuri and I got a result more beyond my expectation. People started cracking jokes with me, they started seeing me as an officer from my telecom organization. They started trusting me and they showed interest in my service also. And within a week I crossed the mark of 50 with my changed strategy.

The market is totally different from the rest of the markets as the major segment of the people is coming from other states for their living and they worked as labours or drivers here. The literacy rate of this market is also very par as people don’t understand the HINDI language also. It was a tough challenge for me to make them understand about my product’s service and convinced them to buy it.


Overall it was a nice experience for me in my internship as I learned how to act in different situations without giving up. I would keep these things in my mind for my future progress.


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