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Tips to crack Group Discussion



July 2014
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Group Discussion means discussion on a particular topic in a group which consists of unknown people. There are people who may be very good in one to one communication, but when it comes to group discussion they do not perform so well because they get nervous, they lose words when they have to  speak in front of public. So group discussion can also be regarded as some kind of public speaking where people can share their own point of views. There are certain tips which one can follow in order to crack group discussion.

  • Group Speaking Preparation

In order to increase the fluency one can read out books and editorial everyday to increase the vocabulary. One can form groups and start discussion on a particular topic, it can increase the speaking power of an individual. The foremost thing in a group discussion that one needs to be a patient listener, one needs to listen to the other’s point of view and then according one should frame his or her thoughts and reply.


  • Content preparation


One can choose recent topics or events that are happening in our society and can do research on it. After that one can start discussion on it. It order to make the content more strong , one can add facts and figures while discussion they can add those facts and figures For example if one is discussing about the population , national income of India or U.K, he or she can collect details regarding the demographic as well as other figures related to that countries.


  • Sitting posture


Sitting posture in a group discussion is most important .One needs to sit straight while they are talking to others.


  • Maintain eye contact


One needs to maintain eye contact when they are speaking to others, they need to look at everyone while speaking because that will engage everyone in the group. One must make sure that he should not speak to one person in the group, he should speak to the whole group.


  • Concise manner

One must not speak for a longer period of time. They should listen to others and then he should find out the right time to share their point of view. So one should speak in a brief and concise manner.


  • Hand gestures

One should not point others , they should address others in a formal way and in a respectable way .


  • Speak Clearly

One should speak clearly and with confidence. One should always use simple and right kind of words so that everyone can understand. If one is disagreeing with some point, then one can express that politely and calmly.


  • Initiate the Discussion

Initiating the discussion earns an added advantage. But make sure one only can start a discussion if he or she has clear knowledge about the topic and if he or she has good points to initiate the discussion.


If one has to perform well in the group discussion then one can follow these basic rules .



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