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Experience of Summer Internship Programme- P N SHIPPING AGENCY



July 2014
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Name : Washi Mishra, PGDM

Company : P.N Shipping Agency

An experience of my sip would like to quote with a phrase said by my senior executive “fight till the last breath”. A learned journey of this 2 months of my sip has left a mark which is so beautiful to be seen and felt. This sip has made me erudite how corporate work and working in P N Shipping Agency have made me do my own SWOT Analysis which would not have been possible without the guidance of my senior executive. A great saying “Rome was not built in a day” is so true because as I entered in the company it took me couple of days to understand the function of this organisation. I was allotted with sales call as my first job then again slowly it raised up to meeting clients and then sending quotations, settling the amount and so on. Everything was well organised and I was allowed to work freely there with my own working condition. The main concern of the company was to achieve the target, no matter how it needs to be done. There was a point were a cyclone of frustration aroused due to work pressure which was intentionally created to teach me how to handle and play around with it.This 2 months of my sip was a great learning and I really thankful to the institution for giving me the opportunity to work at the place of my own choice.



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