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Is Leadership an Increasingly Difficult Balancing Act?



June 2014
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Leadership has been always a difficult job for the managers because they need to control all their employees who belong from diverse backgrounds. Leadership now days has become a complex art .A person who has good listening, testing and reacting skills generally succeed in their career. However a good leader should perform balancing act so that they can contribute to the success of the organization. A person can be a good leader of the organization if he or she is able to manage the commitment, performance and effectiveness of his or her team. The most difficult task as a leader is to understand how to control your employees and their performance.


If someone wants to be a good leader, her or she needs to possess certain qualities, which include, a reciprocal as well as healthy way of speaking and delegating responsibility to the people, need to respect others as well as they should have the courage to manage risk. The manager needs to have a good decision making power which will help him to manage various difficult situations in work life. One of the tough job is respecting role boundaries. Roles are changed and sometimes in order to make work done, employees are given much more responsibilities and their work pressure gets increased. But one should be within the limit and should not cross the limit. A good leader should perform certain functions which include engaging people, creating great teams and motivate the employees so that they can deliver good results.


There is hardly any leader who performs perfectly, but most of the leader tries to perform to his or her level best and help the employees to maintain corporate consistency and deliver results.



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