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Management is nothing more than motivating people



June 2014
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There is a famous quote “Management is nothing more than motivating people”. Another term for management is leadership which means supervising the employees. Only through supervision the managers understand whether their employees are productive or hardworking. Performance of the employees also play an important role. An organization cannot function smoothly without a manager’s direction, a manager’s supervision is most important because without a manager’s guidance an employee loses it direction.

In order to ensure whether the employees are focused on their specific tasks, supervision of the managers are very important. Thus managers always keep on motivating their employees so that they can perform well in the organization. Managers guide their subordinates in right path , sometimes people get agitated or frustrated with their colleagues or with the work pressure, here management team plays important role. Managers encourage their employees so that they can overcome the difficulties and work challenges. In order to make sure whether the projects are going smoothly or not, the managers interact with their employees and try to find out what kind of problems they are facing and try to solve them. Apart from this managers provide incentives to their employees which act as a motivating factor so that they give their best for the betterment of the organization. Some companies also organize parties and outing with the completion of any project.

But management is not fully about motivating people, managers need to supervise their employees , they also need to check whether the employees are working for the benefits of their organization. So, a manager, apart from motivating people, must ensures that employees are working towards the common goal of the organization Since managers perform multiple duties, so it can be said that they play a pivotal role for the success of the organization.


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