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Networking- key to success in career



June 2014
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Today networking plays a major role in every one’s life. The main purpose of networking is to make friends, to sell products, to build business relationships, to search for jobs and to get information as well as to share informations. The main objective of networking is to build up a mutual and beneficial relationship where large number of people get involved and succeeds. Similarly for an MBA student, his or her network not only includes their classmates but it also includes students of other business schools and academic staff. Networking has many advantages for MBA students.

For MBA students networking plays an important role because, because according to survey about 50- 60 % of the MBA students search their jobs as well as they get jobs through networking. Apart from this in career making as well as decision making networking also plays an important role. For an MBA aspirant networking in important because it is through networking only they will get to know about various colleges, its infrastructure, its curriculum as well as they can also contact with the alumni to get the details of the placement records. Apart from that one will get to know about the culture of the organization as well as they will get to know about the students and faculties of the colleges. MBA students will get to learn a lot from others experiences. In order to gain more knowledge as well as it also help them to build up connections that help them in their future because after several years these people will run their own business and will be the boss of his or her employees. Job networking is also important because it helps the students to contact with the persons as well as it also helps to get an insight about the industry. There are certain steps which one may follow for developing networks,if one wants to apply for a job, the first and foremost is that they can send a mail with an effective subject, you can make a telephone call to the concerned person , then one can arrange a suitable meeting place where they can meet and discuss things.

Networking surely plays a major role in terms of gathering informations as well as making contacts but that has to be done carefully. One should be persistent and should not be rude .The person needs to be sincere and honest and this is the key to networking.


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