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Understanding Job satisfaction, loyalty and commitment



June 2014
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Today’s work culture is totally different, earlier people used to search for jobs once they complete their graduation and they tried to stick to their job for the rest of their life. They used to be satisfied with whatever jobs they used to get and with the salaries as well. They were so satisfied with their jobs that they hardly used to change their jobs. But now the scenario is completely different, today employees thought process is totally different, they are not satisfied with the salary they are getting as well as the appraisal, they want more because they think they deserve to get more.

Today employees do not stick to one particular job; they shift from one job to another because they want their salaries to increase. They do not want to work for one organization throughout their life with minimum salary range. They always try to look for better opportunities which will provide good positions, wages as well as other benefits. Employees now days think that they can perform well and they deserve more and this is the reason they keep on switching their jobs. Employees know that there is high demand for their talents and this is the reason why employers will hire them and will fulfill their demands. Job satisfaction generally means how well an employee is happy and satisfied with their jobs. If an employee who is working for a particular organization is satisfies with his job and enjoy his job then definitely he or she will flourish in his organization. If the person is honest and works hard for the organization then he or she will achieve what he wants. Employee loyalty plays an important role, training and development plays an important part. Employees always want to grow, they want to perform better, they want opportunities where they can perform well and once all these are achieved the employee can be considered as the most loyal employee in the organization.

Employee’s job satisfaction is important because it will only help in their career advancement within the company and it also needs to be maintained and improved in order to make employees feel proud to have a career in the company.


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