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We live in a time where everyone is busy with their own work and their lives. As a result, sometimes we forgot the basic etiquette but as now a days businesses are growing and new companies are also coming up we need to put importance on certain basic etiquettes. Students who belong from MBA background specially need to learn these basic etiquettes because in corporate world they need to show some basic etiquette. There are certain tips which they can follow.

  • Whenever one is meeting someone, you should stand up and shake your hands with that person. Before that one should introduce himself or herself. This makes the other person understand that one is giving importance to him and this helps to start a new relationship.


  • One should listen to the other person carefully and patiently. I will give the impression that you are listening to a person’s problem and accordingly steps will be taken to solve the problems.


  • If one needs to act professionally then one should return calls promptly to the person who has previously tried to contact you. This is considered as good business etiquettes. As your client may think that you take care of their queries and accordingly you take necessary steps.


  • One needs to impress his or her clients by communicating appreciation. One needs to thank his or her client. One can give thank you card, one can create a mailer or template or one can give a gift to them on any occasions. One can choose various processes through which one can say thank you to others.


  • Now a days managing emails, text messages, and phone calls takes considerable time. During business meetings, whether at your office, the office of a client, or even lunch, it is important to recognize that answering phone calls, checking emails, or sending text messages can be very disruptive , so during a meeting with your clients, one needs to switch off his or her mobile phones


  • One should stick to his or her commitments. When you make commitments to the people that you will do it, you should put efforts to do that, then only you will be successful. If you can win the trust of the people then you can be the leader in the market.


  • When one is writing mail, one should not use acronyms is rude and unprofessional; therefore one needs to learn to write a strong, appropriate business letter and then he or she can mail. One must address the person by its correct title and should spell it in a right manner. This helps to create a good impression among the clients.





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