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In this competitive world, if a company wants to survive and do well in the market, they need to adopt certain strategies. Among those strategies customer-focused business processes is the one on which the company is recently focusing on. Differentiation in product and price have been a good strategy but now days putting importance on the customers need is also important. It is difficult to win customers mind and for that reason one need to understand what actually a customer wants and its demands. There are certain ways through which one can develop customer focused culture in an organization.

  • Cement your customer relationships: To build your business around customers one needs to understand them. One can keep in touch with the customers to build a good relationship with them. You need to listen to them, understand their demands If one does not listen to them, one will not be able to focus on them. You need to work on the demands, they are asking for. One can interact with the customers and then only they can find out what is their feedback about their products and after that they can take strategies to improve that. One can create a process where people can share their feedback with the right people in the organization.


  • Involve the crew: One should not limit the outreach to customer facing staff… A customer-focused culture is not just about providing better customer service at the front line; It is about how customers are taking your products and how they are responding about the products. Sometimes customers feedbacks are taken as complaints but it should not be taken like that. A company should always welcome both positive and negative feedbacks; they should work upon the negative complaints because it may strengthen the customers’ engagement.


  • Rebuild your processes: To engage employees you must make changes in what you are doing so that customers can understand that whatever they are giving the feedbacks you are working upon. This will help to drive further change and engage your employees in the process. One can make internal or external changes.


  • Check your measurements: Customer satisfaction, complaint levels and first call resolution are all commonly used to monitor the way in which companies handle their customers. But your customer and employee feedback may uncover more intelligent ways to understand customer relationships.


  • Share responsibility: Involvement and engagement build and solidify corporate culture. When employees can identify and resolve failures, they give good feedback about the company and this help the company to develop good relation with the customers

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