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How does one define success?Who would you want to consider successful?Is success a one off event, firmly entrenched in time & space? Or is it an on-going process working through a continuum?


Imagine this footballer want your brilliance to shine on the footballpitch.You are waiting for that one moment in the 90minutes match where you can display your prowess.Your team has mounted an attack from the left flank and you are following the ball expecting the ball to be floated into the box.You are right there.Top of the box and your winger dribbles past two and floats the ball into the“D” its coming towards you;you can“feel” a couple of defenders rushing towards you.You know you don’t have the time to‘chest it down’ and strike.You know you will lose possession.What do you do?You turn around face your own goal,all the while keeping an eye on the ball,   jump up,in line with the ball’s trajectory,and unleash a powerful“bicycle–kick”!The crowd roars! That’s your moment of glory!!!That’s success!

Another match,another day,same situation.But you miss the target.Where is the difference?You have been successful in a match but masteryeludesyou.People who achieve greatness or can even come close toitare the ones who can repeat their success over and over again.


 Remember you do not get an opportunity for the bicycle kick in every match.Perhaps,itwouldbe1 in10.How well do you prepare yourself for the toughest part of your job(a bicycle kick in football is not easy)will define how well you execute there fit.If you are prepared for the toughest-and perhaps the less probable, you would be able to execute the more outine aspect much more easily. We have long since stopped talking about the speed, the ball control and the powerful free kicks of  the master. Mastery is about making the tough tasks look ordinary and mastery can be achieved only through preparation for the tough ones.Success is not a one of event.Its about achieving mastery and repeating  yoursuccess over and over and over again!

 By Prof Ayaz Shafi, Unitedworld School of Business



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