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Globalization is the main reason why different multicultural companies are growing and fast development of technologies as well as competition are also the result of globalization. Different aspects of the culture are also affected by the technological and economic changes. Globalization has made it compulsory for the managers to understand how to do business across the globe. Today in order to achieve success, the marketers needs to communicate cross culturally. Cross cultural management is the study of differences that exist in different cultures and in changing demographics. If a company wants to have a competitive advantage in International business, one needs to understand the importance of cultural differences.It affects free trade policies as well brand effectiveness, business relationships, consumer behavior as well as international marketing. Marketers generally provide information to the marketer and they also gather informations about the market and interpret them. In order to gather informations from the market they need to develop cross cultural skills.

. In any organization as a manager you need to understand the major cultural values and its effects and implications in business world. For this one needs to learn soft skills which are necessary if they want to develop these cross cultural skills. Some managers have those inner skills and they do not need to learn all these skills but in most of the cases professionals need training and education for this so that they can learn the skills and apply them in practical field.

These are some important ways through which one can develop those skills


  1. Self-knowledge: Need to understand your own cultural values and how they affect your attitudes and behaviors.
  2. Global thinking: you should update yourself on global trends
  3. Cultural curiosity: observing different cultural behaviors
  4. Flexibility: adapting yourself to different cultures, business styles, and social environments.
  5. Inclusivity: making people of different backgrounds feel at ease,
  6. Interpersonal communication: expressing yourself as well as you need to listen what others are saying.
  1. leadership: Should develop leadership skills


  1. Credibility: exercising integrity, openness, trustworthy behavior


 9 Patience: working with other people’s needs and timetables, keeping your focus on long-term goals, and not wasting your goodwill capital on getting immediate results.



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