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The Rush for MBA is a rush for money



May 2014
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MBA is a degree which is designed in such a way so that it can give one the ability to develop necessary skills which are required to develop one‘s career. When a student is asked why do you want to do MBA? every time we get a common answer , they want to get a good job in a renowned organization. But apart from getting a job there are lot others things which a student will learn during his two years of course. As we can see that there are huge number of colleges are growing rapidly but one should select their colleges very carefully.

The fees of MBA colleges are often very high specially when it is done from some prominent institutes and that is the reason why students desire to get goods jobs with good packages. Most of the companies now a days preferred candidates who have MBA degree because generally they have extra knowledge and for that companies agree to pay high package to their employees. MBA course mainly concentrates on development of managerial skills of an individual which makes them capable enough to enter corporate world or to get into any multinational company or family business. In both these cases an employee who will be joining a multinational company will earn huge amount of money as well as a entrepreneur will generate more profits. An MBA not only help an individual to earn more money, it also helps him to develop decision making skills, good commuinication skills which ultimately help the employee to fetch more money.

Since MBA has lot of opportunities , thus most of the people from younger generation are showing their interest to do master in administration from renowned institutes. Yes it’s a fact that there are many MBA graduates who reject lucrative job opportunities to start their own business, these are exceptions, most of the students accept lucrative job opportunities with high package . So basically we can say that most of the MBA aspirants go to business schools to learn something new and to acquire knowledge as well as to have a bright and exciting career ahead.


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