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What’s better – A traditional Bachelor’s degree or a professional course at PG level?



May 2014
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When a student completes his or her graduation , he or she finds herself in a situation where they have to select one course for their post graduation level. Today huge numbers of courses are available and it becomes difficult for a student to choose a course which will be apt for her or him. Some students think that it is better to choose professional courses than traditional one whereas some thinks that traditional courses will increase the basic knowledge level.

According to some students professional degree provides the students detailed knowledge about his field of interest and help to develop strong foundation of the career he wants to pursue. Apart from that a professional degree also provides a clear idea about the market situation and help them to understand what actually industry demands? Nowadays students are very much clear about their goals and careers. They can understand that professional degree will help them to grow more in their career. Not only has that professional degree also helped them to get jobs easily in their respective field. Curriculum of these professional courses are designed in such a way so that students can get an overall view of the market scenario. Apart from that students also develop skills which are required in a professional world. Another advantage of professional courses is that students get practical exposure where students get to learn new things related to practical fields, they get to understand how an organization works.

The benefits that students get generally vary from one institute to another. In professional courses although theoretical knowledge is imparted to the students , but more importance in given on the practical knowledge .


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