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Can Business and ethics go together ?



May 2014
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In this fast moving world, where there is high pressure and competition business and ethics cannot go together. There are instances where people could not achieve success because they tried to follow ethics. What actually ethics means? Generally ethics are bound by religion or family values which generally do not work in business field where individuals need to be professional. The main aim of any business is to achieve profits and to make quick money. And in this business world it is tough to follow ethics.

But there are situations when ethics can help one out, because ethics makes an individual stronger and help to them to stand by their point of view. There is no harm in earning profits but earning profits in an unethical manner can harm a company’s reputation. So people should always have some ethical values because that will help the person to run their organization successfully. When a customer comes to buy any product from any company, there are certain things on which they put importance and among them ethics is one point. They become loyal to the company because they know they will not be cheated. So a company’s reputation plays an important role in the market and a good reputation can be earned only when the company follows ethical rules and regulations. Business and ethics are interrelated because it helps to develop faith and belief on the company.

An organization canbe successful as well as ethical at the same time.Infact today most of the successful companies in the world follow ethical rules and today they are at the top. This is one of the main reason why customers are loyal to the top companies .If an organization wants to get success then it should put enough importance on the ethics because without it, an organization cannot perform well in the market.


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