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Is there any co relation between education and success? This question always comes into our minds but is there any relation ?. If we take some examples like Bill Gates, Dirubhai Ambani then we can say that there is no relation between education and success because they are not so successful in their education part but they are successful in their professional life. So it does not mean that a person who has a very good education background will perform well in his professional life. If a person enjoys in what he is doing then definitely he or she will excel in his life. Though a person can achieve whatever he wants in his life but , education is important.

Education helps a person to understand how to talk to people, how to behave with them and how to react. It helps us to acquire knowledge and how we need to perform. The values we get from education we apply them those in our life that in turn helps us to be successful. Take for instance if we do not have any knowledge about any particular subject or if we do not know how to read and write then how will we solve the problems that may arise in our professional life. If a person is working in finance department in a company then he or she needs to know the calculations , for that he or she should have some knowledge about maths. Education is not just a college degree or certificate, education helps a person to excel in his life and move forward. If an individual wants to be successful in his life, then he or she should have vivid and clear idea about his own area or field , this will only help him to shine in his career.

So there is some kind of relation between education and success but it depends on the person, if an individual has passion for his work, if he desired to do well and serve well for his organization then surely he will reach the zenith of his career.


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