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Promotion of certain products through various means many not be enough to create a powerful impact on the customers, in order to get customers sometimes personal touch is also necessary. If one develops a good relationship with a customer then he or she becomes a loyal customer because generally people buy things from that place where their needs and wants are fulfilled. Many business owners over look this particular thing and they start losing their potential customers. Generally those people who put emphasis on the personal connection make more sales rather than those who only focus on selling products to the customers. A sales person should keep in mind certain points before they approach to the customers.

  • Ask questions: Every sales persons should ask some questions to themselves, they should know what their customers want and how they will fulfill their demands. They also need to understand the consumer’s mind and accordingly they should develop   strategies to approach their customers.


  • Need to talk about the product: Before selling any product the salesperson needs to know the product, they should always focus on the special features of the product so that they can influence the customers to buy the product. They should create a positive image of the product which will fulfill the needs of the customers.


  • Listen to the customers: The first and foremost thing what a sales professional should do is to listen to their customers. They should find out what actually are the demands of the customers, their needs and wants.


  • Establish connections: The most important part is establishing connections with the customers and for that one needs to develop a website which should be user friendly and which can provide all the informations about the product easily to the customers. Along with that they can also provide informations through various social media, email etc.


  • Develop Loyalty: Each and every sales person should remember that if they maintain a cordial and good relationship with their customers, they should try to adopt certain strategies like wishing them on their birthday, sending a thank you note, wishing them on any occasions etc.


If a salesperson puts importance on all these factors, then they will definitely build up a good relationship with the customers and they will able to earn more revenue and profits.


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