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How to create first impression in interview



April 2014
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There is a famous saying “first impression is last impression “and this is very much true in case of an interview. There are certain key factors on which one should focus, the first thing that one must take into consideration is behavior. In an interview they way one behaves is most important because that will only help one to get his dream job. There are certain points that one should always remember before they appear for any interview.

  • Knowledge about the company

The interviewee should do some research about the company, they should collect as much information as possible about the company. They should go through the company’s website as well as they must prepare answers for some basic questions like tell me about yourself or introduce yourself.


  • Dress properly

In an interview appearance matters a lot, one should dress appropriately so that it creates positive impact on the interviewer.


  • Be on time

On the day of interview, one needs to be punctual and reach on time.


  • Shake hands

     When the interviewee first meets the interviewer, he or she should shake hands firmly because that show a sign of confidence.

  • Sitting posture

One should sit straight and look confident because it will help to create a positive impression on the person who is taking the interview. Also one should try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

  • Avoid fillers

One should try to avoid filler words because that gives the impression that the candidate is nervous or he or she is not confident about the answers.


So these are certain important tips that one should always keep in mind. But apart from this, one should also try to focus on tough questions that they may face and try to solve them out. One should try to face tough questions confidently because that can be a key factor which may help his or her to get the job.



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