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Relaunch of Frooti-The ‘Digen Verma’ Campaign: Who is Digen Verma



April 2014
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ImageThere was no getting away from him. A poster at a bus stop in Chennai asked, “Will Digen Verma be in the next bus?” Or, when watching a movie; there was bound to be an interruption all of a sudden with a handwritten message saying, ‘Digen, your car is being towed’. And, outside in the car park, almost all the cars had stickers on them saying, ‘Digen Verma was here.’ In many commercial places in metros and even far off places like Simla, there were footmarks accompanied by the mysterious words ‘Digen Verma was here’ pasted. There were rumours galore about ‘Digen Verma’ and his identity. Some thought it was a campaign for the launch of some new fashion label, while others thought Digen Verma he was a philanthropist.

The enigma called ‘Digen Verma’ was everywhere, in buses, film halls, colleges, cyber cafes and shopping malls. ‘JUST who is Digen Verma?’ That’s what the nation seemed to be have been wanting to know. In the 15 days that the campaign lasted in (February 2001), Digen Verma seemed to have become the most talked about faceless name in the country.


The ‘Digen Verma’ promotion campaign was one of the most interesting and innovative teaser campaigns ever made in India. Designed and executed by Everest Integrated Communications (Everest), it was a series of teaser campaigns launched by Parle Agrochemicals1 for its mango drink Frooti, which aroused the curiosity of the public, especially teenagers.

The campaign seemed to have been successful in evoking tremendous interest. Everyone was curious to know who Digen Verma was, or whether he was just a fictitious character.


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