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Web Advertising and Marketing in recent times



April 2014
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Today most of the websites generate revenues from advertising or indirectly we can say that advertising is the secret for the success of any website. Advertising through internet is the most suitable way to promote one’s brand. Web advertising should be valued in terms of the value of the business it generates from the new users it attracts to one’s site.

The first thing is different sites are asking one to pay a fee to subscribe if someone wants to be a part of that website.

Advertisements on internet are increasing more and more. There are now pop-up ads, ads that play music and sound tracks etc.

The second trend is true and we can notice almost every time we open any site. Websites generally sell virtual things. This includes mainly three activities.


Selling content and information: It mainly deals with selling of digital music to news and information.  Some of these sites are funded by subscriptions.

Selling experience and participation in a virtual community: It includes sites like Flickr, facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn

Selling accessories for virtual communities: It includes selling of homes, furniture etc online.


There are various advantages of web advertising, but before giving advertisement on web one need to consider certain factors. The benefits one can get after giving advertisements on website are as follows.

Reach More Customers

In order to spread awareness of one‘s company advertising on web can be a good option. For example Individuals who like to do shopping online will visit various websites and this help the companies to get huge number of customers. One can offer online discount coupons to encourage the customers to visit the website regularly and to do online shopping.

Cost Effectiveness    

There are many companies who have limited marketing budget, in that case they can opt the option of web advertising which offers several free or low-cost means of marketing. For example pay per click with search engines are relatively inexpensive.

Personal Touch        

Companies can create an option of personal relationship with the current and potential customers. For example one can ask the customers to write testimonials for them which will allow the visitors to know about the company.

Internet as an advertising medium is today ahead of TV, newspaper etc. Today most of the marketers consider internet advertising as an integral part of marketing and through internet advertising one can reach both new and existing customers.




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