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For entrepreneurs, who want to start their own business, management institutes provide different choices and that can change a founder’s luck. An entrepreneur must do research and develop opportunities for them. Before starting any new venture one should take into consideration certain factors.(1) identification and evaluation of the opportunity, (2) development of the business plan, (3) determination of the required resources, (4) management of the resulting enterprise.

  • Identify and Evaluate the opportunity

     It is a very difficult task to identify opportunities. Good opportunities in business do not    appear suddenly, but rather result from an entrepreneur’s alertness. So an entrepreneur has to be alert while identifying the opportunities.


  • Development of the business plan


One should research well before starting any venture. This is the first step in starting a new venture. This is a time consuming process. An entrepreneur first should find out what are the resources available. A good business plan is essential in developing the opportunities.


  • Determine the Resources required

         Getting the resources in timely manner is the most important thing for an entrepreneur.


  • Management of the resulting enterprise.

Once the resources are collected the entrepreneur must use them to implement the plan. Some systems should be created that will solve any problem areas that may arise any time. So an entrepreneur should always find out the way to earn revenues for its business.


These are the following rules that an entrepreneur should keep in mind before they start any new venture.



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