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Mastering The Art Of Public Speaking



April 2014
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Public speaking plays an important role in professional life, without which one cannot survive today in the job market. When you start your career, at initial level you may not be required to speak publicly or give presentations but as you progress you need to give presentations.Some people get nervous while speaking in front of public whether it’s a small crowd or big crowd, people do get nervous. However there are certain tips that can help one to learn the art of public speaking.

Learn From some eminent personalities:

One can improve his or her public speaking by observing great public speakers like politicians , leaders etc. One can watch videos of famous people delivering speech in front of the public. It is not always necessary to copy that particular style but one can take tips from that

One should look confident:

One should look very confident while giving the presentation. Apart from that one should look good also because people notice what you are wearing and how confident you are while speaking in front of public.

One should know the subject:

When one is going to deliver his or her speech on a particular subject, he or she should do know the subject well because audience can ask any questions related to that particular subject and at that time one need to answer those questions clearly

Keep Practicing:

Practicing is the best way to deliver a good speech. The more one will practice it will be easier for them to speak nicely and comfortably in front of the public.

Stay Calm:

The most important thing while delivering the presentation is to stay calm . One need not have to day exact words, one can use other words as substitutes.

Manitain Eye Contact:

Maintaining eye contact is the most important part. When one speaking in front of the public one need to look into the eyes of the audience to engage them. If one fail to do so that means he or she is nervous and does not have enough knowledge about the subject.


Keep it brief

Most of the time long presentations and speeches bore the audience, so one need to deliver his or her speech briefly and should make it short and clear so that they can understand the topic well.

These are certain points one should keep in mind while delivering speech and presentation to the public so that one make a powerful effect on the audience.




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