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Career options after doing MBA in International Business



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MBA in International Business is regarded as one of the lucrative career option for most of the management students because it offers wide range of opportunities to the students. Students who show interest to do specialization in this subject are given special training so that they can get a clear and vivid idea about this subject. Various aspects of International business are taught to the students. This includes

  • Export and Import Management which deals with rules, procedures and documentation related to exports and imports.
  • International Marketing where students are taught the various methods of approaching customers in foreign countries to get orders from them.
  • Foreign Exchange Management which deals with currency conversion, fluctuation in currency rates
  • .International Finance which deals with raising Capital from International Markets

These are certain aspects which are generally covered in International Business. Now most of the students arise questions that what kind of job offers they can get after doing MBA in International Business. Students have job opportunities in the following areas like.

• International Marketing Departments of Companies having exports aboard (Automobile companies).

• International placements in company offices abroad

• In Export/Import departments of Engineering

• In Global shipping companies

• In Travel houses & Tourism sector• In International logistics and Courier companies

These are the various areas where students can apply on their own and they can also get placement offers from their college itself. But once a student completes his or her management course they will be getting excellent opportunities in this field.



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