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United-Minds – December 2011



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Synopsis of the Session:

A research in the United States of America proves that only 3% of the people accomplish their objectives, reach their goals and live a successful life. On the other hand 97% of the people have never ever put their goals on paper and committed what they will do with their lives!!!

What differentiates these 3% people from the rest of the world??

The 90 minute session See You at the top has inspired the students to THINK BIG, HOW TO SET GOALS, more importantly how to reach them and the reason why people do not set goals in life. The inevitable obstacles that one needs to overcome to reach their goals.

Goals do not care who have them, it could be individuals, groups, organizations or even a country.’

How a country like Japan bombed out emerged as one of the powerful nations of the world, what made McDonald enter an industry packed with competitors and still rise to the top, what was special about Amul that it has become a household name today. The session has effectively answered these questions.

The session also highlighted the POWER OF CONTRIBUTION to the world and becoming more responsible towards the society with the help of real life examples, short stories and stories of ordinary people.


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