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Understanding the Indian Middle Class and how the paradigm shift has taken place in creating, communicating and building brands that have made India over past five decades.



February 2014
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ishan-unitedworldOn Sunday, the 4th of Nov, 2012 , Unitedworld School of Business at Uvarsad Campus had organized the Brand Management Workshop, under the guidance of Prof. Jaideep Banerjee, presently Dean In-Charge, Ahmedabad Campus. The event has presented the students an opportunity to interact, share and learn from Brand Experts too. The idea behind this workshop was to expose Management students to different Branding techniques and to discover different methods to keep pace with the consumer needs which are changing every now and then.uvarsad-campus

Part-I India’s middle Class – Is it guilty or apathy

Workshop started with the audio – video presentation of We – The People a popular prime time debate show of NDTV named “India’s middle Class – Is it guilty or apathy?” hosted by leading journalist Ms. Barkha Dutt along with the eminent dignitaries such as Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Ms. Radha Khan, Ms. Namita Devidayal & few others. The entire episode primarily focused on two issues. First, is Indian Middle Class responsible for urban and rural divide? Second, is Indian Middle Class- the only hope for India’s future? Extensive debate was carried out by dignitaries highlighting political, social & capitalistic school of thought about these issues.As the informative video completed, the session was continued by active participation from the Audience sharing their opinions about the middle class. Thereafter, Mr. Jaideep Banerjee shared his insights & experiences concerning the Conspicuous Consuming Class-The Middle Class & audience had the fortunate opportunity to listen the views of this Brand Management Veteran. The 1st half of the session was finally closed with an important insight that “We-the people” i.e., Bureaucrats, Politicians, Businessman & all the citizens should jointly focus & integrate their endeavors towards the concept coined as 4E’s: Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment & Empowerment & should leverage to nurture, promote & preserve these 4E’s.

Part – II Brands that have made India

After a short break, every participant rejoined the work shop with refreshed energy and enthusiasm and embarked on a journey towards Brands that have Made India.

This session was very fascinating as it has given insight of how the brands like Infosys has became globally renowned brand without any advertisement by Mr.Nandan Nilekani. The participants has learned the insight that how the communication processes have changed in terms of advertisement over a period of time with consideration of changing life style of consumers. It was a power packed work shop which had included top brands which have made India such as Incredible India,  Amul, Jet Airways, Infosys, Liril , Vicks Vaporub ,TATA and many more .

Stars of the Day

mr-bhuvan-gupta miss-ayantika-banerjee 


Finally participants have taken away a great lesson with them as follow: Building and managing successful brands is one of the key market value drivers today. The ability to develop brand vision and insight to engage your target market is at the heart of effective brand strategy together with excellence in designing an integrated marketing mix to bring this to life. Great brands plans bring all these elements and more together to help communicate how brand equity will be built and protected. The programme came to the end with the vote of thanks proposed by Bhuban Gupta, Final Year 2011-13 batch The Team Erignis & Disha jointly organized an intra-college event named “Entrepreneurship Ki Jung” on 3rd finally-participantsOctober.2012. In this event the students were asked to “brand their brand”. This group of 4-6 members of each team was suppose to do one week of branding and advertising of their brand without disclosing the product .Only on the day of the event they were allowed to launch and sell their product .The teaser advertisement by each team was impressive and really created an urge to guess what was the product/service .Each team was provided with seed capital of Rs.500. The newly introduced brands were “Buddies, Yummies, Passion Love Temptation, Moody, Hando Mania, Techies”. All these brands had different products /services like chocolates, e-notes, handicrafts, homemade sweets, games etc .This journey of fun and frolic took teachers to their childhood days. Also it was great to see what these future managers could do with the seed capital of Rs. 500.


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