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Speaker : Shyam Taneja , IIT – Roorkee & IIM-A (Committed to people development through exploration of their potential): 26th July, 2012



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shree-shyam-taneja-at-uwsb Shree Shyam Taneja visited the Unitedworld School of Business -Ahmedabad Campus on 26th July, 2012 and addressed the students on the following topic:


Success is defined as “achievement of goals”. Drivers are compulsions or dreams. Compulsion is perceived by fear of loss. The law of attraction works. You attract situations and people to what you think and say about yourself. Your Goals provide direction for your life. These improve your focus and consistency of your actions.

Motivation by compulsion is more compelling, powerful, & visible. However, it is temporary. It lasts as long as the perception of loss is there. In long run, fear is a de-motivator.


Motivation generated by vision and dreams and hope of gain, goes a long way.  Having dreams gives you strength to overcome any obstacle or setback. If you can dream it, you can make it however impossible the dream may appear. Dreaming is the launching pad for creating a possibility out of impossible. Remember, small or mediocre vision does not bring the motivation to the escape velocity. The downward pull of the habits and attitudes operates for small aims and the consequence is mediocrity and failure.

Nothing is as important to leadership as knowing the purpose of your journey from “where you are” to “where you want to be”. Road to success is always under construction; actually you are constructing it, continuously. There are moments of rest and leisure as parking spots. In absence of a clear mission, it is very easy to lose sight of your destination. Mission helps you come back on the road to success.

One major reason many people are not able to convert their Wish into Reality is that they do not know “where they are” or “their present reality”. Self-analysis, required to know this, makes them uncomfortable. The other reason may be that they are living in their own world full of fantasies or rejections. Yet another reason is that the process of wish conversion & goal setting is not taught by institutions & parents that well. In fact, for most people identifying goals that will help them convert their Wish into Reality is itself an uphill task. Yet another reason is that people switch from one wish to another not persisting enough..

Shri Shyam Taneja has authored books like:shri-shyam-taneja

  • I Can I will Manage my time
  • Be a fulfilled person
  • Passion – a companion of success
  • Time – is NOT Money

At the end of the session he handed over a “Magic Card” to each participant and told them to write down his or her wish on the magic card.He said that the wish written onto the “Magic Card” is bound to be fulfilled if the individual was committed & self motivated.


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