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Speaker : R K Chopra, Motivational Guru



February 2014
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Has been a Motivator & a Trainer since 1975 and a founder trainer at AMA – Ahmedabad since its inception in early 70s.

Conducts training in the areas of Motivation, Public Speaking, Personality Development , Interpersonal skills & Human Relations. :27th July, 2012


The topic on which he spoke was:

Nothing is Impossible

Living in a world where technology is continuously increasing each day, the word “impossible” is gradually getting erased. From the time of discovery and use of electricity, to people travelling through space, communication & technology has completely challenged the view that these things were impossible.

Routinely we hear about people talking amazing stories of success. We hear about people achieving goals that are next to impossible. It is believed that nothing is impossible if one can apply his mind onto it. The dictionary describes the word impossible as, incapable of occurring or being done. Throughout history the word impossible has become more and more irrelevant in today’s context because of the achievement of many goals individually or in groups.r.k.chopra-motivational-guru

Whether it is in education, technology, medicine, science, athletics or anything else in our world ;  today many goals are being accomplished that for many years people have considered impossible. The word impossible is irrelevant in numerous people’s lives because they understand that in many ways nothing is impossible.

All of us, at some stage in our lives – have dreamt of being somebody special, somebody famous even a celebrity & why not? And how many times have we dreamt of being a millionaire, or successful, or happy with our family & life?
Generally, we are big dreamers and have huge aspirations. Mostly however, our dreams remain only as dreams. Eventually our hopes are just dashed. This is sad.

Instead of experiencing life as an exciting adventure or a challenge, we get caught up in leading a routine daily life, barely surviving. The word “impossible” that is stuck in our mind, is probably the biggest culprit. We honestly believe that what we desire is just “impossible” to achieve. As we get hung up on this belief, so we don’t even try anymore..

However , life is all about trying & trying really hard…Wake up & create your mark !!


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