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55th Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2012



February 2014
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The 55th Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2012 was held from 21st-23rd November 2012 at Science City, Kolkata, which was attended by representatives of schools affiliated to the ASISC from all over the country. Needless to say, that this was a very important and a high profile conference, attended by eminent personalities like Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee, who made the character of ‘Feluda’ come alive on the silver-screen, Bengali movie star Papiya Adhikari, Motivational speaker Shiv Khera and the honorable Governor of West Bengal Shri. M.K.Narayanan among others.

What made this event even more memorable for us, is the fact that the UWSB Kolkata campus was also chosen to help St. Sebastian School to help organize the event.This was a unique opportunity for the students of UWSB to learn about event-management and to showcase the caliber of the students of UWSB to the corporate, who organized the event and came to visit as well.

We as students learnt how a big event is organized and the hard work that goes behind it.The organizers let us know that a few of them hadn’t even got the time to go home for the past couple of days and were actually sleeping on site.

The day we first went for the event was actually a day before the main seminar took place, so that we could see and learn the fundamentals like setting up the stall, recording and tracking inventory, interact and manage the workers and also dealing with irate clients, (vendors who weren’t happy with the allocation of their respective stalls).The clients were actually the publishers who had put up their stall for the visiting school dignitaries, so that if the dignitaries liked the books or study materials from any particular publisher they could place an order with them then and there itself.

The challenges for us for the next three days were varied and very interesting. We were exposed to the art of hospitality, that is, how to treat special guests, and make them feel welcome; including what kind of arrangements should be made for them depending on their importance. UWSB students had a hand in every aspect of the event whether it was picking up guests from the hotel or taking care of the backstage arrangements.

As we were posted in every imaginable department we came back with a great deal of learning. From inside the Auditorium we had a bird’s eye view of all the proceedings. This included not only the minutes of the conference which took place but also a host of cultural events which were held. These cultural events were organized by the school children from some of the schools themselves which showcased the talents that are hidden in every child. The Grand Finale at the closing ceremony was performed by a school from Darjeeling, which included a twelve foot dragon with the adorable mannerism of a puppy that went down from the stage and into the crowd much to their delight. It was fascinating to see the delight on the faces of these till now serene gentlemen who now suddenly burst into laughter shedding any reservations which they had earlier of showing their emotions in public.

The arrangements made were truly professional. As much thought was put into how to make the show a success. Transportation arrangements were made for the visiting guests and dignitaries. The seminars always began and ended as scheduled.

We all came back from the event, gaining a lot of experience in management, developing a bond of everlasting friendship between our classmates and bringing back memories which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Visit To The ‘Brand Equlty’ Quiz In IIM-A

visit-to-the-brand-equityThe students of UWSB – Ahmedabad, received an opportunity to attend and witness a mega quiz ‘Brand Equity’ conducted in IIM-A. This grand quiz, powered by IDEA was hosted by master-quizzer Derek O’Brien who kept everyone on the edge of their seats with his famous and mesmerizing personality and witty comments. He also gave away innumerous gifts to the audience. This grand scale opportunity gave our students yet another enormous exposure to management. The six rounds of quiz took our students through a ride learning, creativity and curiosity. Such an exposure boosted the students to learn more, as they also picked on new strategies of event management, creative presentation and wide-ranging questions from the  world brand management.

Here is what our students experienced during their visit:

“I so far only experienced quiz competition in television. It was a feeling which couldn’t be expressed in words when I entered IIM Ahmedabad. It was so mesmerizing seeing a live quiz competition at a professional level. It was my dream to study at IIM which I couldn’t fulfill but at least got a chance to see a quiz there. It was a diversified crowd as students from various colleges participated that evening. The participants were the employees from big giant companies where I wish to work someday and hopefully get a chance to be the other side of the coin like the participants. Derek O’Brien , the famous quiz master who throws a vibe and creates such an expression which is hard to forget. I was lucky enough to see him anchoring live. I also got the opportunity to talk to him for a moment.

The quiz started with Derek introducing every team and applauding them for their presence though their hard work. Quiz was of six rounds eliminating teams at every round. The intensity of room was very high throughout the quiz. It was a wonderful experience and I would like to thank my college to give me the opportunity to be a part of that quiz.”

Ajay Anthony

“Not every dream comes true, but some definitely do come true. The journey of forty five minutes evoked countless emotions in my mind and heart. It was incomparable feeling of being the one to touch the soul of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Brand Equity Quiz’12 was just a medium what mattered was the outcome – to step inside the best b-institute in India. It was the feeling of contentment along with anxiety which had taken control over me during my stay in the premises. Though the duration of stay was not long but it was long enough to leave an everlasting impression on my mind and soul”.

Harsh Saini






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