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Valuable Knowledge Application – Industrial Visit to TOI and Radio Mirchi (98.3FM)



February 2014
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toi-and-radio-mirchi-unitedworld Amidst the schedule of management studies in theory, the students of Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad earned the opportunity to visit two industries – The Times of India Press and Radio Mirchi station. It was on the 30th January, 2013 that enthusiastic UWSB-A students gained experiential knowledge on the working function, dynamics and logistics of a newspaper press and a radio station, in reality.

Newspapers play one of the most critical roles in our lives, something without which our day begins bland. The Times of India Press, Vejapur, Ahmedabad, releases three major papers- the Times of India, Ahmedabad Mirror, Economic Times- in English and Hindi. Guided by Mr. Kiran Shanbaug, Deputy Manager, students surprisingly learnt that about 3,00,000 papers are printed each day with about 100 workers in 3 shifts. They were introduced to the working of the machinery, including the entire printing procedure live and its assembling. The logistics working out and dynamics of costing, transportation, raw materials and labor were briefly explained.

Following this conventional yet effective media, students then visited the Radio Mirchi 98.3FM station- the fresh face of media in the country. Leading amongst its competitors, Radio Mirchi station was a colorful and exciting place for students to learn yet another dimension of communicating to audience. Guided by Mr. Anshuman Dave, Promotion Producer, students learnt about the entire functioning of a radio channel intricately. This was followed by a visit to the studios- a live and backup where Mr. Anshuman explained to the students the working of the console, functioning of a radio jockey (RJ) and also attended to the various queries of our students with great patience and interest.toi-and-radio-mirchi-unitedworld-mba

With this conducive learning environment, students were infused with insightful experiences of the real world working of two of the major industries of our country. Here is what they have to emote:

A great combination to begin the day and in fact seems comfortable in the normal course of life but have we ever wondered what never ending process and giant machines are employed to have our mornings MOST WANTED NEWSPAPERS??

On 30 January 2013 i found myself in the middle of huge THE TIMES OF INDIA PRESS carrying my industrial visit in Vejalpur branch at Ahmedabad. Mr. Anshuman Dave was our guide when we visited the radio Mirchi station.

The whole trip of industrial visit is a memorable and enriching!!!!

Tanisha Thaker
Batch 2012-14


It was an informative and interesting visit where we got the exposure to the production industry. We learnt about coordination, time management, how to keep back up or contingency plan, how to handle huge work force etc. We would like to request you to arrange more industrial visits for the students.

Sayan Chakraborty
Batch 2012-14


It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit. As students of management, we learned that how they are running the business, from where they get the revenue , how they manage the employees, and how they promote their company. We express our thanks to our director who permitted us to go on the visit, the faculty member who accompanied us and the official who explained the various important things.

Raj Roy
Batch 2012-14


As a management student, industrial visit is great opportunity and hand to hand experience to know about the industry- how managers manage their employees and what are their unique ideas which can increase their future growth .To understand this situation Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad helped out to grab this opportunity and increase our managerial skill which can in future work as a tag to come out with a solution to problems.

It was a nice and knowledgeable experience which can help us out when we also become a part of an organization, especially we join a similar industry- we now know how to maintain the working environment and to work with cooperativeness with employees and subordinates, think of some unique ideas, solve the problem and reach our targets.

Subhrajit Ghosh
Batch 2012-14


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