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Photography and management, hand-in-hand, in our day-to-day life? Well, yes! That’s exactly what the speakers had to say about how entwined both these disciplines are when it comes to giving us the creative edge. From basic information of camera anthems to technical analysis to hands-on experience with some of their latest offerings, the team kept the session high on enthusiasm and participation. The young batch of UWSB-Kolkatans along with some of the faculty members had an overwhelming experience with Mr. Arpan highlighting the camera inside-out with his simplest of examples, which has surely embedded the concepts deep into the minds of even the know-nots.

Photography is not just about being professional; it’s about the will to click a picture. You don’t necessarily need a professional camera for it; even a mobile camera can fulfill the purpose. Pictures help us freeze the moments, relive them later on. How well you are in creating that image differs, and that’s where creativity factor crops in. And with the creative edge, you have a competitive edge too, which lets you see things in an altogether different perspective. Mr. Arpan was very impressed with the students and is keen to arrange workshops for them. Such types of sessions are common at UWSB-Kolkata, but such highly interactive sessions are a real motivator. We, as students, look forward to more such highly-energetic seminars.


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