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Sunita Williams Interact with Unitedworld School of Business Students on Apri l5th, 2013



February 2014
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Since our childhood, Space is one word which with its beauty and humongous presence has always attracted us. The fact that we can’t easily reach the space has made this subject a dream almost close to impossible. But again when you get a chance to do so or meet a person who has been into this miraculous space you never want to miss on. Do You??

So didn’t we, when we, the students of United World School of Business, Ahmedabad got a chance to meet Ms. Sunita Williams, the world renowned NASA astronaut, who paid a visit to our campus on 5 April 2013 .Our excitement to meet her and share her experiences of space with us was long awaited from the time we heard of her arrival. It really took all of our breath away when finally the astronaut was in front of us and ready to speak.

Ms. Sunita Williams shared with us her experiences with the space, how she was prepared over two years before the space trip, actually going into the space with her crew members, living there with no gravity, flying all over the spaceship, her sleeping pattern, food habits etc. in space. All this was shown to us with the help of a live video. More interesting was her space walk into space with her crew members!

Also apart from the space talk she had a lot to offer to the students. Her persistence drove us all away; when she told us how her dream of flying a space craft was always cut down by giving her a jet plane or a chopper to fly. But she never let it go down and finally achieved it. Her continuous emphasis on better engineering machines and products for the space motivated to be innovative in every field we are or will be. Her future role to be a teacher proved her simplicity to us. She was also kind enough to gladly entertain a few questions. She told the young generation that this planet of our i.e. The EARTH is the beautiful planet in this universe and we are fortunate to be a part of this and therefore she appealed us to take care of this Green Planet.


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