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Session by Ms. Simi Suri, IIM C Guest Faculty and Corporate Trainer On 19th February 2013



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Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata has been conducting seminars for its students by inviting guests from the corporate world. This time we had Ms. Simi Suri, HR professional and training consultant with 15 years of experience in Human Resource and general administration also a visiting faculty member at – and IIFT (New Delhi) and Institute of Company Secretaries. Her list of clients comprises some reputed corporate sectors such as IBM, TATA Steel, Vodafone, LG, and many more.


We had great experience interacting with such an eminent personality. The topic was “Blame and Responsibility”. It was not only a professional lecture but also an exposure to personality and self improvement, which is a vital aspect within and outside workplace.


We got the opportunity to face thoughts and questions which we tend to overlook in our daily life. Questions like “Is our life going according to our plan?” , “How happy are we?” And “what do other people (who are a part of our life) think of us?” Answers to which gives us a clear-cut picture of our life. We came to know how our conscious and sub-conscious mind governs us, our decisions and actions.

We realized, with the passing time our expectations from life keeps increasing .Even when we achieve some of our dreams, we ignore the joy of it and start worrying about the new expectations. She also focused on the concept of Self Image, Understanding Self, Self Esteem and Importance of pain in life. Everything that happens in our life, good or bad, is the result of our own decisions. We learnt about self-esteem. How we should value ourselves and believe we are competent, significant, likable and successful.Pain which is always considered as negative feeling is an important part of our life. With the help of a graph, showing “ups and downs” of life, it was explained that God has created pain for us to change. It’s the pain that pushes us towards the point of pleasure and it keeps changing, as we know “Change is the Constant”.

Finally she gave us points on improving self image, which we found extremely interesting and helpful.



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