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Session by Mr. Vinay Mishra, Country Head HR, Lexmark On 22nd February



February 2014
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Mr. Vinay Mishra, country head HR Lexmark, visited UWSB’s Kolkata campus recently. He was a great speaker who discussed branding, and very interestingly mentioned that he will discuss “Branding – Not as a part of Marketing” with us. He taught us what is brand, taking example of UWSB as a brand and how can we be the brand ambassadors of our college. He taught us the lesson of what is missing in today’s corporate world i.e. discipline, honesty, truthfulness, trust which forms the basic characteristics of the person which takes him to the path of success.

Mr. Mishra told us that ethics are very important in business which nowadays most businesses do not follow. Being very polite and enthusiastic, he discussed the value of employee morale which is very important for every employee to follow. Lastly he shared with us the way LEXMARK works, how they deal with the competitors like HP, SAMSUNG, and HCL etc. He told us how they are working coping up with today’s scenario which is walking in the path of a paper free environment. At last we had a question answer session where we got every answer to our doubts, which helped us to learn a lot about the corporate world. It was a great session for us and it helped us to learn a lot. We are very happy to have these kinds of sessions and are looking forward to have more such sessions with the corporate.



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