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Industry Interface – A Lecture by CEO Lecture – Mr. Jyotindra Vaccharajani, Head CRG, Oil business group, ESSAR Oil Ltd.



February 2014
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industry-interface-college-for-mba-abdWe had an opportunity of listening, understanding & interacting with Mr. Jyotindra Vachharajani, Head CRG, Oil business group, ESSAR Oil Ltd, Gujarat , a dynamic person who is one of his own kind.

The session started with a welcome and an introductory speech by Mr. Jaideep Banerjee, Head of Operations, UWSB on our B-School and its plans in the near future. Mr. Manas Chakravarty, Director -Academics & Dr Bhuvneshwar Gupta was present on the occasion.


The aura of the auditorium was filled with positivity as soon as the great personality took over the stage. He started his speech introducing himself as a successful entrepreneur and then a successful employee of the Essar Group heading the Gujarat region. He then shared his life story with us which boosted us with a lot of motivation. He is a perfect example of a person who has travelled a distance from ‘Rags to Riches’. Only hard work was not enough to make him what he is today, it’s his attitude towards life that has brought him up to the position where he is today. He pointed out that thinking big is very important for a person to be successful in life. This could be understood by his words that he does not let any patient in his hometown die due to lack of money, rather he has given clear instructions to the hospitals in his native town of Jamnagar to send him the bills without disclosing the name of the person treated.

One more thing we got to learn from him is the importance of public speaking. His way of addressing a crowd of almost 150 students was amazing, which included voice modulation, eye contact, body gesture and hand movements that are very important for any successful manager or an entrepreneur.


We were shown a short film about the Essar Group and its operations. He then shared his journey from the General Manager at Essar’s Jamnagar refinery plant to be the head of the Oil vertical in Gujarat within five years of his joining the Essar Group with immense faith reposed in him by the Ruia brothers, the promoters of Essar Group. His main focus in life, as he explained was to follow ‘The Doctrine of Karma’as well as understand the competitive business environment with humility , dedication, passion & commitment.

Mr. Jyotindra concluded his lecture explaining to us the importance of physical fitness in the life of an individual to keep up pace with the competitiveness prevailing in Corporate life. What we cannot forget is the polite and humble nature of this dynamic personality. After a 2 hours session with such a versatile person, the main learning which we derived is “hard work and focus can take you to the top but modesty needs to complement them in order to keep you flying high up in the sky.” .


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