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EDI start-up at Unitedworld School of Business Ahmedabad Campus on 1st and 2nd March



February 2014
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Yes, of course I can bet on these words and can say that I have experienced live and qualified by visiting “EMPRESARIO – The Start up Fair”; an Annual Entrepreneurship Summit by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. Few students of the UWSB-A grabbed this grand opportunity to listen, understand and perceive the knowledge, creativity and the capability and thought process aspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India stands proudly amidst wide greenery at Koba Circle, where the Annual Entrepreneurship Summit was held on, with some of the great personnel of the corporate and investment world. The Summit and the Fair was being inaugurated by some of the famous personalities from the corporate and investment sectors, who were being invited.

The highlight of the Start-up fair was when the pitchers as the future entrepreneurs, got the chance to showcase their projects or business plan live with their products and services in stalls, so the investors can get a live experience or feel of what their project is all about and its development and future prospects in that area of specialization; the investors also guided them along then and there in each and every aspects that they needed.

The summit also included some exhilarating plenary sessions, where Mr. Anil Joshi (Chairman of Mumbai Angels) highlighted and imparted his experience about “How to Pitch Your Ideas” to all the pitchers, audience and invitees in the grand auditorium hall of the institute. He taught us the key to a successful pitching, how to achieve our goals regarding the business ideas including its operations and what the Value Proposition, Market Opportunity, Financial Feasibility and Recommended Structure of the Business should be so as to be in agreement of the Investors easily.

The plenary session-2 saw Mr. Sailesh Vikram Singh, the Executive Director of ‘Seedfund’, an investment firm addressing the gathering about “Leadership at Start-up”. We learnt what a leader is all about, at the starting phase of the business, How a Leader should take charge of all the segments and full utilisation of all the opportunities regarding the business and its adjoining activities. He also imparted that, how the visibility of a leader is most important fixation to start-up a business.

What we enjoyed the most was “The Pitching”. In the auditorium, the pitchers were given the stage to pitch their ideas to the jury of Investors. The investors with some of the professors decided whose pitch was the best, and the best pitcher got the tribute to get a sum of 10 lakh rupees from the investor to start or expand their business operations. For me, it was an out of the world and an enlivening experience, to see those confident and unflinching determined pitchers to grab the attention of those Investors and take away that prize money.

This followed the dynamic and breathtaking segment of the Summit, the “Charcha Session”, where the Investors and the pitchers were seated in front of each other and they have to convince the Investors, to invest in their plan and not on others. It was like a pandemonium, where the Investors were shooting questions one after another; like “why should I invest in this plan? Full proof plan of the business? Other financial sources of the business? Total expenditure of the preliminary part of the business e.g. electricity, security, insurance and many more. But at the end it was worth doing this session to see that how they crack under the pressure and bring out their ultimate potential and motive for the plan or the ideas.

The experience at the Summit was really awe-inspiring and overwhelming. Eventually it helped me to grow in the field of motivation, ideas, pitching and self-confidence, by seeing those people who worked day and night to make their own identity and share in this market, known as business.


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