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A Management Development Programme On “Youth Empowerment” @ Ahmedabad Management Association



February 2014
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“Empowerment in a broader aspect means the process of developing an individual to think, which enables him to behave in a specific manner that helps him to take wise decisions inducing certain actions in his own way”, said Mr. Paresh Pandya and started the journey to a wonderful workshop with highly enthusiastic youths who came from different institutes in Ahmedabad. In fact we were very much delighted as the programme was basically scheduled with the motive of training the youths like us to think beyond the limits. He talked about the various aspects that must be inculcated in the youths nowadays. He explained the different dynamics of an individual’s life. The youths must have a state of feelings to be in command and must be in charge of his life and

destiny. That means empowerment basically comes from within an individual. He discussed about the concept of ‘luck’ which plays a vital role in determining the success of an individual. Contents like having a positive mental attitude in handling crisis situations, being assertive, using the mind power to increase the concentration on our life’s vision & goals, developing the art of human relationship, sustaining to the peak performance, man


aging time and working in an organized way was also covered during the energetic and knowledge filled workshop.

Overall it has given us the understanding and power to think practically and logically in life which as an outcome will make us more focussed towards our goals. This will certainly help us to overcome the barriers, fears & insecurities and come out of the comfort zone to achieve the target in our life with full determination.


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