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HR Skills in Everyday Life



June 2013
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Haven’t we – many a times – given somebody an expression of awe at their people management skills? At their ability to understand the needs of the people around them, and act accordingly? At their ability to salvage a sensitive situation which could, otherwise, have gone out of hand?

Well, these people have an inherent ability to gel in easily with those around them and take command over the situation. And what abilities and skills are we talking about? None other than the people management skills. Sometimes, people refer to these as ‘common sense’ skills. However, there is again enough evidence to say that common sense is actually not so common!!

The next question that arises is that why are we talking about these skills? Again, simply because human beings are social creatures, they cannot survive in isolation. Which means that each one of us need people around us to keep us happy – in the form of family, friends, colleagues etc. Our happiness, in fact, is dependent upon the kind of relationships we have with these people. And the quality of relationships we maintain is dependent upon our people skills, which in technical parlance is also called HR skills. Be it in the family, in the society, or in the workplace, we interact with people on a daily basis, and the quality of these interactions shape up our life on a regular basis.

This is, of course, not to undermine the technical skills. While professional success depends upon the technical skills and experience, the quality of professional life surely depends upon the HR skills.


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