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There is a well known saying ‘Health is wealth’. But the place where you are going to create wealth, is it healthy for you?



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cautionEveryone of us goes to work. And everyone has the right to return home safely where our loved ones wait for us. But is our organization providing us that safety? Are we all secure at our workplace?

Work place safety basically defines what safety and security policy an organization makes to protect their most powerful and important resource: human capital. The designing of working place, timings of job, workload all are covered under workplace safety. Organizations need to take care that work place does not become a perilous place for its human capital.

The adverse effect of inefficient workplace safety measures can cause stress and could even be fatal. Long working hours, polluted area or extra workload creates stress and illness in the long run and even becomes excruciating for employees. But a small spark problem can even lead to big fire. Many times even a small mistake and recklessness while following the safety rules lead to catastrophe. This not only takes away the life of people but comes with huge losses for the company too. Also, special security dictums should be made to provide extra safety to women. safety-first

There are many recent incidences which themselves talks about the risky environments humans work in. It’s not so that only blue collars need safety; the same applies for white collars too. This can be supported by recent case of Maruti where general manager Awanish Kumar Dev was burnt alive in his working place on 18 July, 2012. Other recent case is of Hazira plant of ONGC, where a single leap of safety measure could have prevented huge fire. This fire took the life of three employees where the work was to remove motor spirit from damaged fuel tanks with prior permission from higher authority. Talking about women safety at workplace is also very crucial. Sometimes, colleagues themselves become fiends to women. The case of a girl working in a garment industry in Ambraiwadi in Gujarat who was raped by the firm owner and his three accomplices in 2007 shows how risky workplace is for girls.

wealth A view of all this incidences strikes us as to what should be done to avoid such situations and increase safety. To answer this, Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA) was enacted by the congress government. According to OSHA, an organization should concentrate on engineering control, administrative control and personal protective equipment controls to prevent workplace injuries. Companies are taking severe measures and even outsourcing people to look after the safety measure. However, there are yet miles to walk to provide a fully protective workplace environment.

This cannot be achieved only by organizational policies. Even employees need to take care that they strictly follow the dictums. Providing proper knowledge about instruments usage and tactics to handle different hazardous situations would really help to create a safer environment.


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