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June 2013
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Looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? A slightly out of the way destination? Then Taki is just the place for you. Only a couple of hours drive from Kolkata, on the banks of the river Ichamati, this small town has both political and historic significance. The immersion the idol of Goddess Durga in the Ichamati is of remarkable significance when people from both the countries gather together on both sides of the border paying homage to the Goddess.

Taki is technically on the India-Bangladesh border with only the river Ichamati separating the two counties. You will notice a lot of fishing boats on the river, each a facsimile of the other with only the clearly displayed flag betraying its nationality. Technically being a LOC; lot of BSF boats are can also be seen on the river, preventing the boats of the one country from veering too near the other. But observing the banks of the neighbouring country, the only things you will perceive are lush green paddy fields, herds of wandering oxen and few populaces who are no different from our own country folks. And then it dawns on you that nature has no boundaries, the sky is as blue on this side as it is on the other.



To enjoy the real beauty of Taki, you have to undertake launch ride from the ferry ghat on the river Ichamati. The sparkling waters weave a magic of their own. During the sunset, the play of the colours in the sky reflected in the clear waters will give you the solace and bliss that only Mother Nature can provide. Ichamati has a confluence of two more rivers, Kalindi and Vidyadhari near the Machranga Island which is a short distance from Taki by water. Machranga Island was partially destroyed by the cyclone Aila in 2009, and now is famous for the huge brick kilns.

Taki also has an area similar to mini Sundarbans created by the Taki municipality consisting of trees like Sundari, Golpata etc.



Taki was originally the town of the Zamindars. The huge ancient palatial zamindar’s houses each tell stories of their own.  It is a pity to see that these heritage sites hardly have any maintenance and are in a state of total ramshackle.

But what actually sets Taki apart is the simple scenic beauty and bucolic tranquillity which refreshes both the mind and body of any visitor.


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