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Essentials of Business English in Management Studies



June 2013
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businessHistorically, ever since the business interests of the English engulfed the globe, ‘Business’ and ‘English’ have been linked. Very simply put, business English is the utilization of the language for a specific purposes, as a standard communication medium for the smooth functioning of business transactions across the world.

Essentially, business English is a segment of the business communication family, whereby, business English becomes a standard communication language across the native as well as non-native speakers of the language. Today, good communication skills are integral to successful management. Gone are the days when information broadcasting was subjected to only a group of people in an organization. With the race in technological advancements, accessing and sharing of information has become a common function in organizations and hence, every management student aiming at successful retention and growth in their companies must be well equipped with efficient business communication skills, more specifically the flair for business English.

Business English embraces…

business-englishBusiness English can embrace a wide variety of skills; these skills can be broadly understood under two branches- vocabulary and communication skills. While on one hand, business English revolves around grasping and applying the technical vocabulary and topics of business, finance, marketing, trade, international relation, etc, it also takes into account on the other hand, learning of efficient communication skills at workplace.

Business vocabulary would fundamentally swivel around picking up the common business expressions and collocations to facilitate understanding of the industry language. This includes terms such as blue collar, back to the drawing board, bottlenecks, bullish, window dressing (or creative accounting), acid test, ballpark figures, a can of worms, etc.

Effective workplace communication skills would focus on the skills and specific language required for typical business communication such as negotiations, correspondences, report writing, presentations, meetings, resumes, crisis management, conflict management, team briefings, interviews, etc.

Having identified these basic essentials of business English, one must also keep in mind that we are into the ‘global’ business drive. Although there are standard communication processes, there also lies a thin line of difference in how these communications are executed. Hence, the sphere of business English must also include cross cultural communication sensitivities as well as latest technology-based communication up gradation.

Grasping & Employing Business English Skills

employ-skillsSo far, it is understood that the realm of business English would not only include good communication skills, but also an apt vocabulary bank to understand and respond to the business transactions globally. Further, acknowledgement of cross cultural sensitivity in business communication is critical.

Given that this zone of business communication and English is vast to master, there are efficient ways whereby management students can adapt to these required skills during their course of management studies. And this is essential to support the already acquired domain knowledge of business studies.

Management course-outlines dedicate specific hours and credits for the absorption of effective business communication skills, which students can apply and practice to be prepared in advance for the finale (which could start from their interviews). Simultaneously, the environment of management schools themselves provides a strong enough battleground for students to rehearse their communication skills.

•    Skills of official e-mail writing, letter writing, formal telephonic conversations, reports and proposals, resumes and official conversations can be practiced during their correspondences with the school throughout their course.
•    Effective listening, business presentations team presentations and negotiation skills can be incorporated in the course of their academic syllabi, as practicals.
•    Similarly, business expressions and collocations, the specific terminologies utilized in business transactions can be integrated in the academic curriculum, in addition to the specific hours already assigned for business communication.

In conjunction with this, management students would be required to personally attune themselves to picking up the business vocabulary and start utilizing them as frequently as possible to get those terms registered in their immediate memory. Repeated use has been proven to be one of the efficient ways to increase memory for words.

Eventually, packaging of your domain business knowledge with appealing and effective business communication skills will only increase your acceptance in the business fraternity and shall promise growth.


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