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Essence of Image Building and Finishing Skills in MBA



June 2013
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“When was the last time you thought of yourself as a brand?”

image-buildingWhile strong foundations in domain knowledge and concepts of business form one important facet of management studies, an affluent personality with a vibrant image and finished skills become the other side of the coin. In the realm of business, building an appealing and positive image is often imperative, for it is what sells you as a ‘brand’. If your sturdy domain wisdom in business earns you a price tag, a contemporaneous effective image will felicitate you as a ‘brand’. And once you have done that, your learning from management studies stands complete.

Image building and finishing in the corporate sphere is a multi-faceted concept, highlighting majorly the elements of courteousness, brevity, clarity & transparency, precision, mutual understanding and the most important of all, effectively listening to and understanding others’ point of views. Giving due consideration to others and thence modifying our approach accordingly will only help win their confidence and this is precisely the key to prosperity in business. It is this positive and responsible image that is required in every sphere of the business fraternity, be it corporate structure, marketing, environmental ethics, innovation or cultural awareness.

An Appealing Image : The Icing On The Cake


To get successful in this competitive business world, one ought to perform good! But when do you perform good? It’s only when you get the chance to do so. While performance will depend on your technical and soft skills acquired and practiced in the course of management studies, it is the appealing image and the finishing in self presentation that will earn the opportunity to perform and apply the hard and soft skills!

Often, what is unknown to career aspirants is known to the corporate realm. And that is, precisely the kind of candidate a company is looking for during its recruitment. When every student of management studies is more or less trained with the same concepts and theories of business management, it is their unique pleasing image that enhances their chances of selection. Simply put, a pleasing image comes about with polite manners, chivalrous attitude, sensitivity to colleagues and the ability to look beyond the face value of any presented matter. Realizing personal strengths increases your ‘brand value’ as an employable asset to the corporate fraternity.

The First Impression You Create

skillsAlthough we all carry certain skills, experience and a unique ‘X’ factor, people that we come across generally judge us on the basis what they see: our image. Our image and appearance send cues about us on the basis of which people decide in the first few seconds whether they would like to continue an interaction with us or not. Your image basically is an attractive packing of your technical skills, abilities and experience. And when that packaging appeals to the eye in the first instance, consider yourself sold!

A striking image and finished skills not only enhances the chances of successfully employability, but also has been proven to have positive effects on self esteem and self confidence, which eventually help you perform better. Hence, the vicious cycle of success depends on your image you present to the world.

impressionConsider your positive image and finished skills to be the key that unveils the mystery of your successful endeavors that you shall achieve in future. While the finishing skills courses offered at management institutes is one of the ways to master a triumphant image, observing and hence learning from victorious figures in the management history is yet another inspirational method. It is after all, their image that attracts you to read their success stories! Similarly, it is after all, your image that shall attract prospective employers towards you!


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