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Why do a summer internship? What are the benefits? How to approach the presentation and final report writing for your SIP?

Management programs are essentially application based and hence, a mere understanding of the theoretical concepts is not enough. It is important to get acquainted with the working and norms of the corporate world.

summer-internA summer internship program (SIP) fundamentally assists students in doing so; it provides an opportunity to work in practice with professionals and eventually develop the competencies, knowledge and experiences required to achieve their career goals. Internships enhance students’ credentials, test them under new situations and push them for the next step. Furthermore, the feedback from their company also adds to their grades and academic evaluations.

A tried-and-tested formula to remember anything is to experience it. An SIP facilitates this precisely. Landing oneself into the best summer internship possible is often the aim of every management student. Internships indicate to a good extent how the final placement will be. The crux is to convert the summer internships into PPOs- pre-placement offers. SIP eventually also is a platform for students to prove themselves to their prospective employers. Also, recommendations received in hand from the business relationships developed during internships help securing a job much easily.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released the intern-conversion rate in April 2012 for the previous year; a 58.6% conversion of interns into full-time hires was reported, which was an all-time high recorded by the NACE. A more recent article in October 2012 by the Bloomberg Businessweek reported the increase in success of management school students having received job offers from their internship companies. A wave of inspiring conversion rates were recorded by the investigation on 30 top MBA schools in the U.S, with the Johnson Graduate School of Management (Cornell University) topping the charts with a 74% internship-job conversion.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

It hence, goes without doubt that a summer internship program is where management students unveil the riches of management studies.

Giving your SIP a Fine Finish:

Experience facilitates remembering, agreed; but sharing of this experience solidifies and inspires, we believe! Giving a fine finish to a summer internship essentially revolves around preparing an insightful report and further, presenting the same.

Experience facilitates remembering, agreed; but sharing of this experience solidifies and inspires, we believe! Giving a fine finish to a summer internship essentially revolves around preparing an insightful report and further, presenting the same.

A SIP Report: The purpose of documenting a report post the successful completion of a summer internship is to essentially provide an insight of the key learnings of the students during their internship. There are two facets in this: you not only study the organization as a whole, but also handle a specific profile wherein you gain an in-depth application of the learnt theories. Hence, while preparing a report, you are basically solidifying your understanding from the experiences you had at work.

internshipThe summer report should be a substantive contribution to knowledge through integration of the review of literature and methodology developed for the understanding and resolution of management problem, and the empirical work done therein. Therefore, it should exhibit proficiency in using or developing a research model, hypotheses, collecting and interpreting data, reaching conclusions and drawing implications for managerial practices. Note that your summer project report must have a demonstrable potential!

Presentation of SIP Report: An ability to deliver your presentation effectively helps you in two ways: to communicate your information clearly and vividly as well as to create an efficient impression about you as an aspiring professional. Remember that the presenter as a ‘self’ plays a key role in making the presentation a communication act. The simple reason why you ought to deliver an explosive SIP presentation is to solidify your learning in the organization as well as to share this knowledge.

The following few pointers would help students’ in delivering roaring presentations:
●    Confidence in yourself is the most important criteria to any communication; you could be right (which reinforces your confidence) or you could be wrong (which can be corrected)!
●    Identifying your audience and why they are attending to your presentation would help you gain confidence.
●    Time your presentation topic-wise and slide-wise.
●    Rehearse your presentation well and DO NOT read, present it! Know your content well and find relevant facts beyond your topic norms.
●    Maintain a positive and chivalrous body language; keep your language delivery simple (sans jargons) yet effective with the help of a thrusting body language, voice modulations at the right time and good eye contact.summer-internship
●    Question-and-answers are an important facet of presentations; treat every question as an opportunity to further clarify your point. You could also add new evidences or examples to support your point. Note, that if your presentation is followed by a series of questions, it suggests that your presentation was able to involve the audience and get their grey cells working. Answering questions confidently (even if your response is that you do not know the answer) showcases your ability to handle situations and prove the relevance of your learnings displayed in your presentation!

Eventually, “Experience is by industry achieved, and perfected by the swift course of time”. – William Shakespeare.


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