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June 2013
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It was the last day of the weekend that too Good Friday. People still engrossed with the post-Holi enjoyment could not just wait for the classes to pass by as early as possible. But then it was Friday and that too last two classes with Mahua Ma’am. We were pretty sure that something too exciting, innovative has to happen. And that is it.

When Ma’am came in with a bunch of papers we knew it ‘Kuch Toh Toofani’ has to happen but we couldn’t even imagine in our wildest dream what was in store for us. So our activity started like this. We were asked to divide ourselves into 5 groups with 5 members in each and then came our actual task. Each of our group has to prepare a dish with Biscuit as the main ingredient and apart from that we can use maximum 5 more ingredients all of which we have to purchase by going out, that too within 30 minutes. No, no, the rules are not ending here, in addition to all this we have to keep in mind that our budget could not exceed 30 rupees for each group. That means we have to think for the ingredients along with the budget, shop and come back to class within as quickly as 30 minutes. ‘JUST IMAGINE’. So as soon as Ma’am signaled for the START people rushed out from the campus for purchasing and collecting their Secret ingredients. So these were the few items that were got along- Biscuits as obvious, Cadbury dairymilk in melted form, Bapuji cake, Monginis pastry, fatafat, tomatoes and potatoes ( in chopped form) that too at a bargaining end, maggi masala, ‘papri’ from bhelpuriwala, Cadbury jems (‘NO UMAR FOR LALACH-we did realize that) , that red chutney used in bhelpuri and chaats and what not. So at last we were ready to start for the dish. And the next 30 minutes just passed by where the management students or more appropriately the management chefs were at their creative best. Meanwhile our faculties dropped in to see through how the entire process was going about. It is important to mention here that our work did not end here; within that 30 minutes we had to think about an unique name for our new dish and also write a 4 line poetry on it. So the names of the dishes went like this- SWEETHEART, BISC CHAAT, CHOCO SMILE, CHAAT BISCUIT, and NUTTY CRUNCH.

students doing creative work

creative work by students

nutty crunchcreativity work uwsb kolkata

choco smilesweet hearts

With my least intention to annoy other group members I would like to mention one of the poetry by one of the group-

Twist your tongue to the taste of bhel
It’s mystery not a tale
Think think think what it is
Take a bite, you dare not miss.

After all this is done we had to give a presentation about our dish, how we have made etc.  to our faculty members of UWSB. The evaluation would be done on Time, Cost Effectiveness, Presentation of the dish, and Verbal Presentation. But after giving our presentation to our faculties, our Dean insisted on Peer Evaluation so finally more than evaluation we were too eager to attack on each other’s recipe just to grab one bite.

This way we happily ended our Good Friday which went really good where this fun activity also made us realize few very important aspects of Team Work, division of labor and how we can make ourselves train for the optimum utilization of limited resources available to us.


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