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Sunita Williams at UWSB-A: The Titanic Inspiration



May 2013
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NASA astronaut Sunita Williams

NASA astronaut Sunita Williams

Often as educators, we provide the best of learning in various forms to our students throughout their course tenure. However then, what is the thin line of difference between students who pass and students who make it large? It is, no doubt, INSPIRATION.

Without the inspiration to make it large and the reality check that dreams do come true at a colossal size, we can never push ourselves beyond our boundaries. And to do just that, the Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB) along with Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) and Karnavati School of Dentistry (KSD) welcomed the valiant and eminent personality Astronaut Ms. Sunita Williams on 5th April, 2013, with great pomp and show.

The globally celebrated personality and an idol to millions, Ms. Sunita Williams shared her precious time with lots of students at the campus. Adorning her formal blue attire with great humility and her astounding track record of the longest space flight time among female space travelers, Ms. Williams stood as an icon on success and motivation for each and every individual.

She addressed a vibrant blend of students from Unitedworld School of Business, Unitedworld Institute of Design, Karnavati School of Dentistry, Singapore International School and Ahmedabad International School along with dignitaries Dr. Mukul Shah (Pro Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University), Mr. C.K. Patel (Founder-Chairman of Indo-US Chamber of Commerce) and Mr. Dinesh Raval (President of the Indian Council of Social Welfare) as well as the present faculty, management team and the press.

Taking the audience through an exhaustive flight of her mesmerizing experiences in space, Ms. Williams elegantly shared her trips to the space, her training sessions and demonstrations of the real aeronautical world. The most amazing and breathtaking part of her rhetorical address was her video where she gave us an opportunity to witness her recent space odyssey, the take off and the internal view of her shuttle. She explained how they live, eat, sleep, perform daily hygiene activities and also work on satellites through their shuttle.

It was awe-striking to live through her experiences as she narrated them, the difficulties she faced, the most beautiful moments she spent and her collegiate relations with her crew members. It’s been just a few months to her last trip to the space, which she calls her playground now, and she longed to fly again!

Ms. Williams was also kind enough to entertain a couple of enthralling questions posed by the students, who wanted to learn from her experiences and take the inspiration to enliven their dreams, just as she did. She responded to questions ranging from future designing in space ventures to her difficulties en route the persuasion of her dreams to her future plans and message for the young generation. She mentions that the earth we live on, is a beautiful planet and hence, protecting it and restoring its authentic beauty is our duty.

She longed to spend time with students and she banked upon it here at our campus. It was not only insightful, but experientially rich for the entire audience, as each and every individual took home a learning from the wonderful messages of this iconic lady. It was indeed a day well spent and shall be cherished. Her presence at our campus and her kind words mark a memorable day in the history of Unitedworld School of Business!

An Evening With Astronaut Ms. Sunita Williams

What could one possible ask for more, when you are granted the lifetime opportunity of learning from your role model and packing home quintals of encouragement and motivation?

The noble human being she is, Astronaut Ms. Sunita Williams graced yet another occasion at the UnitedWorld School of Business, UnitedWorld Institute of Design and Karnavati School of Dentistry campus. Accompanied by the poised and distinguished Mrs. Nimisha Madhvani, Ambassador of Uganda, Ms. Sunita Williams addressed the fraternity of business industry in Ahmedabad. A number of leading industrialists and business leaders attended the event.

While Ms. Williams took the audience through her experiences in space and her love and passion towards her space odysseys, Mrs. Nimisha Madhvani proved to be a wave of fresh breath for women across the gathering. Standing tall for her achievements despite her pitfalls and rejections, Mrs. Madhvani encouraged and empowered women to realize and pursue their dreams. She awakened yet again the realization in us that women bear the power to create, sustain and destroy, provided she wishes and takes the step to do so.

The evening also witnessed the CD launch of Dr. Shailesh Thaker, titled “Leadership Tomorrow” that was celebrated with great appeal. Dr. Thaker took the initiative to elucidate his contributions to the field and extended his support to young entrepreneurs.

The shooting star of the event was Ms. Williams interaction with little children, braving their innocent yet important questions with love and humility. She shared her presence with the children on pictures and left behind a trace in young minds, encouraging them to dream and further realizing them to reality.

The entire team of Karnavati Knowledge Village wishes its deepest gratitude to this distinguished personality and vivacious woman as well as all the dignitaries for their kind contribution.


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