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2Time management is a very important tool in a student’s life and if it can be applied by students exactly then only it will be added benefactor for them. In the modern age most of college students feel like they do not have the time to get everything done. Family, Work, college, and other duties are constantly competing with each other for the student’s precious time.  Some of students become overwhelmed with all of these obligations and drop out of college. This can be managed everything with simple time management techniques only the student can implement on a daily basis. Time management is nothing but simply the way you regulate or schedule your time. Time management is an important skill to master because it can help the student manage the various responsibilities in their life: work, college, family, and other activities. If this skill is correctly applied and learned then nothing is impossible for the students as they can be able to find every key for the success.


Time management can be applied only by using fewer steps:

  • A student must think about everything he or she does on a typical date. This can be done by providing a student with a blank schedule and asking him or her to write everything down. This includes everything like, bathing, meals, travel time, work, family time, classes, and anything else that may happen during the whole day.
  • It’s important to help the student get ready for how much study time is required per class taken.  The common rule of thumb is two hours of studying for every one credit hour of the class.
  • The more organized the student is better he or she will be able to apply time management skills.  For organization is to create an assignment calendar is important.
  • Another great organization tool is a weekly task list. This is a list of all assignments, exams and quizzes due for the next week.  This can be made by using the assignment calendar and it helps the student see the smaller “chunks” that need to be skillful during the week.
  • Lastly the main point is that follows the plan and don’t be quit do anyway whatever you decide to do.


          Apurba Bhatta
Unitedworld School of Business
PGDM, 1st year



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