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Perception determines reality



May 2013
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1According to the Oxford dictionary perception is the ability to hear, see or become aware of something through the senses. And the reality is up to person’s perceptions. For example, if we are flying in a plane, it may seem that the clouds are passing by and the plane is actually standing still, it’s your perception to think. Same as when we sit in a car wash with your vision somewhat obscured by suds and water on the windows we may get the impression that we and the car are moving and the car-wash machinery is standing still. Especially if the car is being rocked a bit by the brushes. These kinds of effects occur because of what’s moving or reality and what isn’t or perception.

Reasons to different perception

  • Each one sees the world very differently.
  • It’s not matter what happens in your life, how you interpret those actions is up to you.
  • One person perception of the world is based on the lenses through which he/she see things.  So it’s up to them however change their lenses.
  • Particular each human being is the only person who can change perception of themselves and their life.

People need to be careful not only with the tapes they play about their friends, family and teachers but especially with the tapes that they play about themselves. If all are doing is thinking negative things about themselves then they can bet their negative tapes are on a permanent loop inside the head. If any person is getting ready to compete in some way—sports, competition, academic, and audition—or to approach someone and their every day head is filled with thoughts such as he is not good enough and he knows that he can’t do this and anything ever works out for him or her. The problem is not the reality of the life; it is what people are constantly telling themselves about their lives.


So take back to our power! And depending on someone else’s thinking more intelligently and follow our own inner wisdom! Trust in our own ability to navigate life based on our own inner reality!

We are not powerless as so many of us think but we are spiritual beings with the power to choose our own destinies. We are people of power, dignity, and courage but only if we choose to be. The power “who I am” that can only be exercised by me. Everyone has ability to give it away or everyone can choose to harness it to its full potential.

Apurba Bhatta
United world school of business
PGDM, 1st year


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